Discovering the Dybala Haircut: A Stylish Guide

Discovering the Dybala Haircut
Discovering the Dybala Haircut

Paulo Dybala, the Argentine football star known for his incredible skills on the field, also has a knack for making heads turn with his trendy haircut. His hairstyle is not just a random choice; it’s a perfect blend of style, versatility, and practicality. This article dives into the details of the Dybala haircut, offering insights, expert opinions, and even some personal anecdotes to help you understand why this look is a winner.

The Dybala Haircut: A Modern Classic

The Dybala haircut is a modern take on the classic undercut. It features a longer top with faded sides and back, creating a clean and sharp look that can be styled in various ways. This haircut has gained popularity not just because it looks good but also because it’s practical for someone with an active lifestyle like Dybala.

Expert Opinions on Dybala’s Haircut

Cemon Milan, a renowned hairstylist who has worked with Italian celebrities, describes Dybala’s haircut as “a modern take on the classic undercut. The long top allows for styling versatility, while the faded sides and back create a clean and sharp look” (

Fabio Scalia, a barber with expertise in men’s cuts, adds that “the textured finish on Dybala’s top adds volume and dimension. This is achieved with products like styling creams or clays” (

Ashley Javier, a hairstylist known for his work with men’s haircuts, notes that “Dybala’s haircut is a great option for men with thick or wavy hair. The long top allows for styling into waves, spikes, or a messy look” (

The Versatility of the Dybala Haircut

One of the key reasons why the Dybala haircut is so popular is its versatility. Whether you’re heading to a formal event or just hanging out with friends, this haircut can be styled to suit any occasion.

Discovering Dybala Haircut
Dybala Haircut

Styling Tips

  • For a Casual Look: Use a light styling cream to create a natural, messy look. Just run your fingers through your hair, and you’re good to go.
  • For a Formal Event: Use a pomade or gel to slick the hair back or to the side for a more polished appearance.
  • For Athletic Activities: A little bit of hair wax can keep the hair in place while you’re on the move.

My Journey to the Dybala Haircut

I remember the first time I decided to try the Dybala haircut. As someone who loves football, I was inspired by Dybala’s style both on and off the field. I went to my barber with a picture of Dybala and said, “Make me look like this!” The result was amazing. Not only did I get compliments from friends and family, but I also felt more confident and stylish. It was a game-changer for me.

The Textured Finish: Adding Depth and Dimension

One of the standout features of the Dybala haircut is the textured top. This texture adds depth and dimension to the hair, making it look fuller and more dynamic. According to Chris Appleton, a celebrity hairstylist known for his work with stars like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian, “The subtle highlights Dybala sometimes incorporates add depth and definition to his haircut, especially when styled with texture” (

How to Achieve the Textured Look

  • Use a Texturizing Spray: This can add volume and texture to your hair. Spray it onto damp hair before blow-drying.
  • Opt for a Clay or Pomade: These products can help you achieve a more defined texture. Rub a small amount between your palms and work it through your hair.
  • Blow-Dry with a Diffuser: This can enhance the natural waves and add more texture to your hair.

The Fade: Clean and Sharp

The faded sides and back are what give the Dybala haircut its clean and sharp appearance. This fade can vary from a high fade to a low fade, depending on your preference.

Miguel Fernandez, a men’s hair influencer, mentions that “Dybala’s hairstyle has become a trendsetter, inspiring men to experiment with textured cuts and faded sides” (

Choosing the Right Fade

  • High Fade: This starts higher up on the head and is great for a more dramatic contrast.
  • Mid Fade: This starts around the temples and offers a balanced look.
  • Low Fade: This starts just above the ears and is perfect for a more subtle transition.

Maintenance: Keeping It Fresh

One of the best things about the Dybala haircut is that it’s relatively low-maintenance. However, to keep it looking sharp, regular trips to the barber are essential.

Men’s Hair Magazine suggests that “Dybala’s haircut is a perfect example of a low-maintenance yet stylish look that’s easy to maintain and adapts to different occasions” (

Tips for Maintenance

  • Regular Trims: Visit your barber every 3-4 weeks to maintain the fade and keep the top in shape.
  • Daily Styling: Spend a few minutes each morning styling your hair to keep it looking fresh.
  • Use Quality Products: Invest in good hair care products to maintain the texture and health of your hair.

The Influence of Dybala’s Haircut

Dybala’s haircut has not only made waves in the football world but also in popular culture. It’s a style that has been embraced by men of all ages and backgrounds.

Studies on Men’s Hairstyles and Trends

“The Influence of Celebrities on Men’s Hair Trends” (Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management) explores how celebrities can influence men’s hair trends. Dybala’s consistent and stylish haircut might have inspired similar cuts among fans and football players.

“The Psychology of Men’s Hairstyle Choices” (Psychology of Men & Masculinity) investigates the factors behind men’s hairstyle choices. Dybala’s haircut might represent masculinity, confidence, and athleticism, influencing men seeking a similar image.

“The Evolution of Men’s Hairstyles in Popular Culture” (The Journal of Men’s Studies) examines how men’s hairstyles have changed throughout history. Dybala’s haircut reflects a modern trend of textured styles with faded sides, popular among celebrities and athletes.

“The Role of Social Media in Men’s Grooming Habits” (Journal of Consumer Behaviour) investigates how social media influences men’s grooming habits. Platforms like Instagram, where Dybala showcases his haircut, might inspire men to explore similar styles.


The Dybala haircut is more than just a trend; it’s a versatile and stylish choice that can suit various occasions and personal styles. With its modern take on the classic undercut, textured top, and clean fade, it’s no wonder that it has become a favorite among men worldwide. Whether you’re a football fan or just looking for a new hairstyle, the Dybala haircut is worth considering. It’s easy to maintain, looks great, and offers plenty of styling options to suit your needs. So why not give it a try and see how it can transform your look?


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