Fascinators in Short Hair: Stylish Tips and Tricks

Fascinators in Short Hair
Fascinators in Short Hair

Fascinators are a wonderful way to add a touch of elegance and flair to any outfit, especially for special occasions. But if you have short hair, you might wonder how to pull off this stylish accessory. Don’t worry! This guide will show you how to wear fascinators in short hair with ease and confidence. We’ll share expert tips, personal anecdotes, and unique insights to help you look your best.

What is a Fascinator?

A fascinator is a small, decorative hat typically worn on the side of the head. They come in various shapes and sizes, often adorned with feathers, flowers, beads, or netting. Fascinators are popular at formal events like weddings, horse races, and garden parties.

The Magic of Short Hair and Fascinators

Short hair is a fantastic canvas for fascinators. Unlike long hair, which can sometimes overshadow a fascinator, short hair allows this accessory to truly stand out. Lisa Hunt, a hairstylist and owner of Toni & Guy Manchester, says, “Shorter hair allows the fascinator to be the star of the show. Opt for smaller styles that complement your haircut and consider placement – on the side for a touch of vintage glamour or perched at the crown for a sophisticated finish.”

Personal Experience: My First Fascinator

I remember my first experience wearing a fascinator. It was for a friend’s wedding, and I had just cut my hair into a chic bob. Initially, I was worried that my short hair wouldn’t work well with a fascinator. But after some experimentation, I found the perfect spot on the side of my head. The small, elegant fascinator added a touch of charm to my look without overwhelming it.

Choosing the Right Fascinator for Short Hair

Size Matters

When it comes to fascinators, size is crucial. Trinny Woodall, a British fashion and makeover presenter, advises, “For short hair, fascinators are a fantastic way to add a touch of occasion dressing without overwhelming your look. Keep the scale in proportion – a petite fascinator with delicate details will look best.”

Secure Fit

One of the challenges with short hair is ensuring that the fascinator stays in place. Stephen Jones, a renowned British milliner, suggests, “Fascinators are all about versatility. For shorter cuts, explore fascinators on headbands or with clips that offer a secure fit. Experiment with different textures like feathers or veiling for added drama.”

Have Fun with Colors and Patterns

Charlotte Olympia Dellal, a British fashion designer, encourages creativity: “Don’t be afraid to have fun with fascinators in short hair! A brightly colored or patterned fascinator can add a pop of personality and complement a simple outfit.”

Structured Styles

For a polished look, Melinda Childs, a hairstylist and owner of MC Salon in New York City, recommends, “Consider a fascinator with a structured base like a beret or a pillbox. These styles offer a sophisticated touch and provide a secure foundation for the fascinator.”

Styling Short Hair with Fascinators

Sleek Blowout

Errol Douglas, a celebrity hairstylist, emphasizes the importance of the hairstyle itself: “Hairstyle plays a role too! Consider a sleek blowout or a polished updo to create a clean canvas for the fascinator. This allows the fascinator to be the focal point while complementing the overall look.”

Personal Touch: My Favorite Style

I love pairing my short hair with a sleek blowout and a small fascinator adorned with delicate feathers. It’s a simple yet elegant look that works well for weddings and other formal events. The sleek blowout ensures that the fascinator stays in place and remains the highlight of my ensemble.

Tips and Tricks for Wearing Fascinators in Short Hair


The placement of the fascinator can change the entire look. For a vintage vibe, place it on the side of your head. For a more modern look, perch it at the crown. Experiment with different positions to see what suits you best.

Secure with Bobby Pins

Even with short hair, bobby pins can be your best friend. Use them to secure the fascinator in place, ensuring it stays put throughout the event.

Keep it Simple

Remember, less is often more. A simple fascinator can be incredibly chic and elegant. Don’t feel pressured to go for the most elaborate option.


Match your fascinator with your outfit and other accessories for a cohesive look. A well-coordinated ensemble always stands out.

Fascinators for Different Occasions


Weddings are the perfect occasion to wear a fascinator. Opt for something elegant and not too overpowering. A delicate fascinator with a bit of netting or feathers can add a touch of class to your wedding attire.

Garden Parties

For garden parties, you can be a bit more playful with your choice of fascinator. Bright colors and fun patterns can complement the outdoor setting beautifully.


At events like the races, feel free to go bold with your fascinator. Larger designs and more dramatic styles are often the norm, making it the perfect opportunity to showcase your personality.

Fascinator History and Evolution

The history of fascinators is fascinating in itself. According to “The History of Fascinators and How They Became a Fashion Staple” by the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), fascinators have evolved through different eras and cultures. Understanding their history can provide context for how to style them today.

Practical Advice from Fashion Experts

Real-Life Example: My Sister’s Garden Party

My sister, who has a pixie cut, wore a fascinator to a garden party last summer. She chose a small, flower-adorned fascinator that she secured with a headband. The vibrant colors of the flowers added a fun, festive touch to her outfit. She received so many compliments, and it inspired her to try more fascinators for different events.

Expert Tips from Gold Coast Couture

“Short Hair, Big Style: Tips & Tricks for Wearing a Fascinator with Short Hair” by Gold Coast Couture offers practical advice on choosing the right size, shape, and placement of fascinators for short hair. The article provides helpful tips and visuals to inspire a successful fascinator and short hair combination.

Visual Inspiration

Pinterest is a great resource for visual inspiration. The “Wedding Fascinators For Short Hair – Bridal Inspiration” board showcases a curated selection of fascinators specifically designed to complement short hairstyles. It’s a fantastic way to gather ideas for your next event.

Hairstyling Tutorials

YouTube is full of hairstyling tutorials that demonstrate how to style short hair with fascinators. Watching these videos can provide you with visual guidance and inspire confidence in achieving a polished look.


Wearing a fascinator with short hair is a delightful way to elevate your style for any occasion. With the right tips and tricks, you can confidently rock a fascinator and let it be the star of your look. Remember to choose the right size, secure it properly, and have fun with colors and patterns. Whether it’s a wedding, garden party, or day at the races, a fascinator can add that perfect finishing touch to your outfit.

So, the next time you have a special event, don’t hesitate to try a fascinator. Embrace the elegance and charm it brings, and enjoy the compliments that come your way!


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